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[ACHADO] MPX 2.1.2 With VMWare Image & Guide [DVD]

Posted by loliveira em 25/04/2011

Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express 2.1.2 With VMWare Image & Guide [DVD]
eLearning | 6.26 GB

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express 2.1.2 (Software)
Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express 2.0.2 (VMWare Image)
Cisco VMWare Virtual Machine Instruction & Configuration Guide (PDF)

CD1 – Ver 2.0.2
Integrated Voice and Web Conferencing
VMWare Image DVD

CD 2 – ver 2.1.1
Intergrated Voice and Web Conferencing
Software DVD

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express:
Simple, Secure Conferencing

Communicate and collaborate anywhere, anytime with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express. Having a simple and secure way to conduct remote meetings can help your organization:

* Improve employee productivity
* Speed business processes
* Reduce cost

Part of the Cisco Unified Communications system, Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express is an integrated voice, video, and Web conferencing solution that is deployed over internal networks. It supports industry-standard telephony and video protocols to help ensure connectivity with a range of solutions, including Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express.

With Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express, set up and attend meetings quickly and easily from a variety of different interfaces, including Microsoft Outlook calendars. Simple and powerful conferencing functions, including integrated meeting management and control, enable users to conduct highly productive virtual meetings where they can:

* Collaborate on any document with co-workers
* Demonstrate products and deliver compelling presentations
* Train employees, customers, and partners

Impromptu Conferencing

Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Express VT is a deployment option that provides impromptu voice, video, and Web conferencing for Cisco Unified Communications Manager environments. The solution enhances the effectiveness of your communications by integrating multimedia conferencing functions that enable users to simply extend point-to-point voice and video communications to multiparty voice, video, and Web conferences



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